About Us

The ‘Need to Succeed’ Alliance has been launched to support the implementation of the ‘Gonski’ school funding reforms.

It includes a number of charitable organisations which have been working together over the last year to advocate for needs based funding, under the title of ‘NGO Leaders for Educational Opportunity’ (NLEO). NLEO consists of representatives of a broad range of community and charitable organisations working with over 750,000 young people across the nation.  Other members of the Need to Succeed Alliance come from across the school education sector, including representatives of different school sectors, education unions, the arts community, journalists and parent and school organisations.

The Alliance is united in the view that the current socio-economic status (SES) model of funding is no longer answering students’ needs, with data showing the performance of Australian students has declined.

If this continues, Australia risks being left behind.

The risk is greatest for our poorest and most disadvantaged students.

The Gonski school funding model proposes an entirely new sector-neutral approach: per capita based funding for all schools, and loadings for categories of disadvantage.

We believe this is the way to give every student what he or she needs to achieve, regardless of the school they attend or their background.


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